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Get My Business Exposure gives you everything you need to accelerate the growth of your business, increase sales of your products or clients for your services. 

How To Grow Your Business


These methods work and are exactly what marketers are charging thousands of pounds per month to do.


These methods and courses can be implemented fast to see great results in the quickest time possible.


Marketing is not hard when you know what you are doing and are spending your time effectively.

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Why Choose Us?

This is what we do, at Get My Business Exposure we have taken what we do as a web design and digital marketing company and used that information to produce courses, products, reviews, articles and coaching so you can apply it to your business and grow without having to pay the extortionate fee’s charged by many companies.

Easy To Follow

All of our courses and products are designed to be simple and easy to use within your business.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

All of our courses revolve around you, learn as fast as you want or take time to digest the material thoroughly.

Choose What Areas Matter To You

Want to use social media to grow your business or want to create an SEO optimised website to generate leads. Choose the course that suits what you want to do.

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Popular Courses

Want to discover how to get more clients and customers from Social Media, how to create your own SEO optimised website or how to direct market to your perfect client? We have the course to help you grow.

Create Your Own eCommerce Website

Do you want to create your own eCommerce website but don't where to start? This simple step-by-step video course will take you by the hand to your first eCommerce website.

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Client Website Course

Using Your WordPress Website

Membership area and training for clients of AM Web Design and Digital Marketing.

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Make Up Artist Gateshead Course

Create A Great WordPress Website

Want to create a great-looking website for your business but tight on your budget? Discover the most affordable way to get online like a pro!

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Featured Articles

Discover how you can transform your business using ‘The Formula’, apply simple changes to your business can make a huge impact on your business and the profit that it generates. Let Get My Business Exposure show you what to do in a simple step by step process.

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Want to grow your business, check out our articles, videos and guides to help you become a success online and apply to your business.

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