5 Books on wealth that make millionaires

5 Books on wealth that make millionaires

5 Books on wealth that make millionaires

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Some books are so rich in resourceful information that they turn poor people with no high-demand skills into millionaires within yearlong spans. If reading isn’t still a habit ingrained in your daily routine, probably this article will serve as inspiration for you to start reading, taking action, and be a Millionaire, if not a Billionaire.

Still don’t believe me? The top CEOs from Silicon Valley among many other individuals with 10 figure bank records, cannot romanticize the whole culture of reading for no reason at all, can they?

They owe their success to knowledge, and by this, I mean up-to-date information which is verified and approved. All the same, the whole dynamic of building wealth has not changed over the years, as you will find books dating centuries back lounging on this list (dust-free). Ready?


This book provides a simple blueprint for accumulating money. Ramit Sethi’s emphasis on describing what being “rich” means to you, and also, gives you a structure that handles your money with limited ongoing effort.

It’s been recently updated, and it would be important to see how the key messages of “start now,” and “simplify as much as possible,” are adapted to the current market.


This book is for you if you learn better from non-fiction. It’s an enduring classic based on ancient Babylonian parables and exemplifies the notion that sound financial guidance is timeless.

Each story has one or two concrete points explaining how to get ahead financially and was originally published as a collection of pamphlets. These money-control laws are simple to grasp and apply to everyone.

30 MINUTE MONEY SOLUTION by Christine Benz

The table of contents lists a slew of locations where you can clear up the book in 30 minutes or less. It’s a simple, comprehensive, and life-changing read to go for especially as a beginner.

Each chapter is concise and simple to read. Many personal finance books are jam-packed with material, and this one is no different – but in addition to all of the wisdom it imparts, it also has workbook pages you can use to get stuff done.


One of the most important techniques at your disposal for building a successful business that excludes you from the loop is automation.

The need to actively practice dedication and willpower to always make the right decisions is eliminated when you automate your finances giving you less time to manage your money while maintaining a steady flow of income if not a skyrocketing one.

With the abundance of fintech applications, services, and technologies available today, automating processes of your financial life has never been simpler – and Bach’s book keeps up, with a revised version published in December 2016 that incorporates even newer technology.

HAPPY MONEY by Michael Norton and Elizabeth Dunn

This book belongs in the behavioral psychology field rather than the general personal finance category most entrepreneurial books fall into.

When creating a personal financial strategy, though, knowing what form of investment is most likely to bring you the most returns is critical and that’s where this book comes to play.

While most personal finance books teach you how to save your money, this book teaches you how to spend it wisely.


Building healthy financial habits such as reading a few pages a day is all about making subtle improvements that, while seemingly insignificant at the time, have a great impact over the long term.

As a wise man once said, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”—Kofi Annan

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